Brillís Manual on Renaissance Astrology

Astrology played many roles in the lives and thinking of Renaissance Europeans.† Not only did it provide an important element in the contemporary understanding of the way the world worked.† It furnished instructions on future events in realms as diverse as political strategy and medical cures.† Referred to individual cases, it contributed to Renaissance peopleís self-understanding, based on the configuration of stars at birth.† It offered a repertory of images for aesthetic productions in literature and the visual arts.† Finally, it presented a fertile field for intellectual exploration and speculation, crossing paths with theology, philosophy, natural science and even mathematics.† This volume will provide a much-needed overview, the first of its kind in English, of the role of astrology in Europe in the period roughly from 1350 to 1630.


Our intention in the volume will be to give an overview of astrological techniques and practices in the period under study, the people involved, and the related debates and theorizing that took place.† Furthermore, we offer a guide to the current state of research on the main topic areas.