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Collections in Boole Library


Bantry House Papers

The papers support a number of important inquiries, including landlord and tenant relations between the 18th and 19th centuries in Ireland, the design and building of a country house, and considering the records of Richard White, individual commitment and testimony regarding the French Republic’s Expédition d'Irlande ("Expedition to Ireland") in 1796.  more

The Murphy’s Brewery Archive

Brewing and Society in Ireland in the 19-20c.  A map of the tied houses (pubs exclusively serving Murphy’s products) in Cork neighborhoods will trace the company’s community relations as well as the development of neighborhoods; information regarding the sourcing of agricultural products will yield an account of how the city was connected to the hinterland.  Employment records allow a glimpse into the integration of the brewery into family survival networks in a time of increasing mobility.  more

George Boole Papers

Today Boole is best remembered as the originator of Boolean Logic - a fundamental step in the modern computer revolution, and the basis for all contemporary computer software.  Many honours were given to Boole as the genius in his work was recognised. He received honorary degrees from the universities of Dublin and Oxford and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (1857).  His achievements are all the more impressive considering that he was entirely self taught.  Rather than from formal schooling, he acquired a love of mathematics from his father and managed to develop a natural talent into a professional capacity without a university education.  more

The Seán Ó Riada Collection

The principal aims are the the proposed PhD (DAH) project is the completion of a catalogue of musical materials in the collection, an analysis of these musical materials, and the generation of facsimile and performance editions of the music compositions. more

Grehan Estate Papers

The development of a Catholic middle class in post-penal Ireland, exemplified by the Grehan family and their network. In addition, the papers of Maj. Stephen A. Grehan suggests a study of personal and family involvement in the First World War.


The Frank O’Connor Collection

The Mind of the Irish Writer.  Examining Frank O’Connor’s Praxis. University College Cork’s Boole Library is fortunate to hold a number of collections which contain original archival material relating to the Cork-born author Frank O’Connor. more


Applications are sought for five scholarships amounting to 12,000 euro per year apiece over four years, for graduate students entering the Digital Arts and Humanities PhD program in Fall 2012.  Include in your project description an account of how you plan to utilize the digital to enhance collection visibility and utility.  Return to program page for application details.