Brendan Dooley


Professor of Renaissance Studies                                                                             University College Cork

CACS&SS                                                                                                                                      Graduate School
Cork, Ireland                                                                                                                        tel. +353 21 420 5139



PhD: University of Chicago 1986 AM/AB: Syracuse University 1976, 78
Certificate: Datini Institute (Economic History), Prato, Italy, 1982


Spring 2009-  SIF Professor of Renaissance Studies, University College, Cork, IE

Fall 2009:  Distinguished Visiting Professor of Italian, University of Virginia

Fall 2002-Spring 2009 Jacobs University Bremen, Professor of History
Fall 2000-Spring, 2002 Medici Archive Project: Chief of Research
Fall 1991-Spring 2000 Harvard University, Associate Prof. in History and Social Studies

Fall 1990-Spring 1991 Cleveland State University (Visiting Assistant Professor of History)
Fall 1989-Spring 1990 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (member, Sch. of Hist. St.)
Fall 1985-Spring 1987 University of Notre Dame (vis. asst prof., history)


Fall, 1998- Spring, 1999 Jean Monnet Fellowship, European University Institute (Florence)
Fall, 1994-Spring 1995 Rome Prize
Fall, 1991-Spring 1993 NEH Translation Grant
Fall 1989-Spring 1990 NEH (Institute for Advanced Study)
Fall 1987-Spring 1988 Fulbright-Hays Research Scholar, University of Venice, Italy
Fall 1981-Spring 1982 Delmas Foundation
Fall, 1980-Summer, 1981 Fulbright-Hays Full Grant



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“Le lezioni universitarie di Antonio Vallisneri”, Convegno su "Antonio Vallisneri. La figura, il contesto, le immagini storiografiche", che si terrà presso l'Università degli Studi di Milano dal 21 al 23 giugno 2006
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Chair and conference concluding summary, Kulturgeschichtetag Linz 2007, 9-12 September.
Concluding Round Table, conference on “Energy in Changing Environments”, Jacobs U. December 2007
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“Introduction” and chair, conference entitled “The Knowledge Problem:  Transdisciplinary Approaches,” Jacobs U, April  2008
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1987: Society for Italian Historical Studies Manuscript Prize for first draft of the book, "Science, Politics and Society in Eighteenth-Century Italy"
1990: History of Education Society Article Award (for "Social Control and the Italian Universities")


Editor (with Immacolata Amodeo) of series “Intercultural Knowledge”, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (DE).

Referee for: Journal of the History of Ideas, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Renaissance Quarterly, Journal of British Studies, Harvard University Press, Penn State University Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, Oxford University Press, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Program, NEH Conferences Program, Bunting Institute (Radcliffe) fellowships, Marcarthur Foundation.


Western Civ; Publishing and Politics; Scientific Revolution
New Cultural History; Courts in Europe; Galileo
History of Education; Arts and Power; Modern Italy
Culture and Marketplace; Early Modern Europe; Modern Spain
Renaissance Italy; History of Social Sciences; Media History
Baroque Europe; Propaganda; European Enlightenments

History of Contagion, History of Mathematics, 

Love and War:  Italian Perspectives; Natura e letteratura (in Italian)


Jacobs University teaching award “Best Professor of 2006-7” and “Best Professor of 2008-09”


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Conference:  “Renaissance Now!,” 9-10 December 2010, University College Cork.  Concept, organization, logistics.  Collaboration:  Daragh O’Connell

Transdisciplinary Workshop:  “The Knowledge Problem:  Transdisciplinary Approaches”, 4-5 April 2008, Jacobs University Bremen (Concept, organization and logistics)

International interdisciplinary conference:  “Places of News” Jacobs University, Dec. 6-8 2007, University of Bremen and Jacobs University.  Concept, organization and logistics

International conference, “Energy in Changing Environments,” Dec. 13-15, 2007.  Jacobs University.  Co-organization with Gert Brunekreeft.

International interdisciplinary Conference:  “Time and Space on the Road to Modernity:  The Emergence of Contemporaneity in Early Modern Europe,” December 15-16 IUB, Bremen (Concept, organization and logistics:)

Local co-organizer, European-American Universities Forum/American Association of Universtiy Administrators Annual Conference, IUB, 23 July-1 August 2005; panel chair

International interdisciplinary conference entitled :" Energy and Culture," IUB, 18-20 March 2004. Concept, organization and logistics
 International interdisciplinary conference entitled :" Bodies Building Power: Ceremonies and Ceremonial Toward Modernity," Harvard, Center for European Studies, May 20, 2000. Concept, organization and logistics
Interdisciplinary conference entitled "Bernini and Beyond: Baroque Cultures, Contexts, Representations," Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, April 25, 1998. Concept, organization and logistics
 New England Early Modern and British Studies Group, 1997-8, monthly speakers and seminars.
Italian Studies Group, Center for European Studies, 1999-2000, monthly speakers and seminars


UK-German Education Policy Seminar 8-9.10.04, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (participant)
European American University Forum, 08.11.04, John Cabot University, Rome (panelist)


The Marble Prince:  Don Giovanni de’ Medici A case study of the impact of warfare and military strategy on intellectual and cultural life in the late Renaissance, including literature, art, science and technology.

 “European Communication Networks in the Making,” multi-university project, focuses diverse hermeneutical and information science methods on archival materials regarding the first early modern European communication networks especially devoted to the transmission of information regarding political and social events.

Le lezioni universitarie di Antonio Vallisneri, Edizione Nazionale delle opere di A. V., an edition and translation of the university lessons of an early eighteenth century natural philosopher, with extended introduction situating the documents within the history of oral communication in natural science.


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